We chose to include the word “FIELD” in our name as a symbol for work places. Fields are messy, constantly changing, subject to elements beyond anyone’s control and at the same time full of life and potential.  So is your organization!

FIELD” is also an acronym - here’s what it stands for:

FORMATIVE:  We are in a constant state of formation - of being shaped by our leadership contexts, the choices we make and the habits and practices in which we engage. Sometimes our leadership formation happens unintentionally; we’re being changed subconsciously by the culture and systems we inhabit. The FIELD Collaborative aims to provide opportunity for leaders to reflect on that which holds deepest meaning for them. Identifying our key drivers can help us to be active shapers of our formation as leaders.

INTENTIONAL: We are intentional when we focus in on something with the desire to understand it at a deeper level. A leader will often intentionally focus on some aspect of her organization or team to improve overall results. Often we must slow down enough to observe and ponder where we want to apply our efforts, what we want to study more thoroughly or bring more sharply into focus.

EXPERIENTIAL: Experiential learning invites participants to reflect on what they are experiencing. In every group, each person will experience any activity differently. Our experiences are subjective. They are the sum of our observations, what we think happened, how we felt about it and what we wanted. Our sessions include time to reflect back on those experiences with a trained facilitator to stop and get curious about what happened and through that guided reflection begin to understand our own stories and how they are impacting our lives.

LEADERSHIP:  Our expertise lies in being able to develop leaders who are ready to face the organizational challenges present in today’s complex workplaces. We do this by focussing on the leader, and his/her environment and needs, rather than presenting a rote program or implementing preset procedures. We take the time to gather the information necessary to customize their development plans.This approach respects and nurtures leaders’ gifts, talents and passions thereby enhancing their opportunity to change the world. Leadership Development is about coaching, mentoring, guiding and empowering leaders to learn to think differently so they no longer manage their department or company, but engage their gifts to lead it.

DIALOGUEWe live in a world that is fascinating in its complexity. Different people, different groups come together in some kind of familial and social order – or disorder as the case may be. Dealing with difference requires two basic and crucial dialogue skills: listening that is focused on what the other is saying and what can be learned from it (rather than on how what the other is saying provides a launch point for what one wants to say) and speaking that comes out of a clear self-understanding and connection to truth – a place of wisdom, we might say. These dialogue skills are not only critical to navigating difference with others but also to gaining wisdom in the first place.  When dialogue becomes a core practice in our communities, knowledge and wisdom can emerge in creative and surprising ways. As communities increasingly take on dialogical practices, our hope is that they will be better equipped to navigate difference both internally and externally.



The FIELD Collaborative

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