Aileen Van Ginkel

I wonder what it would look like if groups of people – faith communities, “social profit” organizations and businesses alike – were able to contribute with maximum impact to the larger common good.  What if everyone in the group were able to articulate and be respected for whatever holds deepest meaning for them, so that together they could make a difference in the world?

One way to maximize the potential for and effectiveness of collaboration and partnering efforts is to integrate communal reflection practices with any kind of group decision-making activity. I want to help groups open up to diversity, rather than make assumptions that everyone is on the same page. By working through difference to shared purpose, groups will be able to execute their missions with confidence and even a sense of celebration.

A facilitative approach to leadership is critical to ensuring success for any organization that needs to work nimbly in fast-moving, ever-changing contexts. Ensuring that each person in the group is fully contributing, in complementary ways, to that success requires deep listening and learning throughout the organization.

What are your dreams for facilitating a creative learning organization, and how can I help?

Here's what I bring with me into the conversation:
  • Over 25 years of experience in inter-denominational and inter-faith endeavours with The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada
  • Doctoral research on communal discernment (D.Min. completed at Tyndale Seminary, 2012) - Thesis: "Communal Discernment in Organizational Planning"
  • Leadership experience on various boards, including Alpha Ministries Canada; Christian Higher Education Canada; Institute for Christian Studies; Tyndale University College & Seminary
  • Experience coordinating and facilitating 360° leadership reviews: Alpha Ministries Canada; Tyndale University College & Seminary; Christian Stewardship Services 
  • Training experience: Partnering Conferences, with Interdev and International Partnering Associates; Facilitative Leadership workshops

Some starting-points when talking about services I offer include:

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