E. Wendy Milne – Facilitator, Mediator

Why I specialize in providing conflict management solutions.

A universal feature of both life and leadership is conflict. As a leader you will be faced with conflicts ranging from those external to your team or organization, interpersonal clashes, right down to dealing with the self-conflicted. Conflict has a tremendous impact on your health, the health of your team members and the health of the  working relationship between groups, individuals and organizations. Poorly managed conflicts can be emotionally messy quagmires that hinder productivity, increase hard and soft costs and lead to poor decisions.

I believe that well-managed conflicts can spark greater creativity, increase capacity and foster employee engagement. I help people get emotionally unstuck so they they can realize their future, increase their effectiveness and engage in life with a healthier attitude. That’s why I focus on employer/employee or interpersonal employee conflict management.


What I bring to the table.

- mediation services

- between individuals (peers; management/staff)

- groups

- conflict resolution system design

- leadership coaching

- team workshops:

- conflict awareness

- conflict solutions

- creative conflict

- communication skills


- cultural awareness



Currently working on Master of Arts, Intercultural German Studies, University of Waterloo

Certificate in Conflict Management and Mediation, Conrad Grebel College

Certified MBTI® Practitioner, Psychometrics Canada Ltd.


The FIELD Collaborative

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