Karen Petersen

Can you take me in your suitcase?

This is the common response I get when I share my passion with other women: advancing women’s status in the developing world through leadership development. I have lived and worked in a number of countries around the world, and have seen this need everywhere. We have developed a program that can be tailored for women from any country to grow their leadership strengths. My heart in co-founding The FIELD Collaborative has been to go to other nations, listen to what women are saying and provide creative solutions to leadership issues in the developing world.

I hold a Master of Arts in Leadership, with a focus on cross-cultural leadership development of women. Additionally, I am certified to deliver training in Cultural Intelligence (CQ) for those who live and work with people from other cultures. Each of us is more effective in leadership when we understand our own cultural perspectives and how to relate to people with different perspectives and values. My experience of living cross-culturally has equipped me to train others in this area.

This is what participants say:

Karen, I am thanks to your more patient with me and do encourage me to improve/develop of my leadership as women. Honestly, I though I couldn’t break out my fear to speak out. I gain more confident and able to encourage/empower to other women like you did to us.

You are so blessing to Cambodia women.

The FIELD Collaborative

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