Our Story

The FIELD Collaborative official story begins with the four of us (Sandy Reynolds, Karen Petersen, Wendy Milne and Aileen Van Ginkel) coming together in the belief that there is strength in numbers. We knew that as sole practitioners we’d be limited in what we could offer our clients and in the scope of projects we could take on. We were often pulling each other into work conversations for input and inspiration, and the idea to formalize the arrangement began to take shape.

We also recognized that our collaborative efforts needed more focus than just wanting to work together. What was it that drew us together beyond the desire to enhance work efficiencies and effectiveness?

It all came together for us when we landed on our tagline: “We GO to where you are, we LISTEN to what you say, we CULTIVATE creative solutions to leadership and organizational development issues.” By defining our common approach to how we do our work, not just what we do, we had defined who we are in The FIELD Collaborative.

Our GO-LISTEN-CULTIVATE approach can be further described as follows:

GO:  Our first step is to enter into your context by understanding your current reality. We want to uncover the real issues you are currently facing.

LISTEN:  At our core is a longing to create leaders and teams that listen to each other. Without deep listening we will not be able discern where we need to go. Whether you are working with a small team or seeking to listen to a larger community, we will help you really hear what is emerging in your context.

CULTIVATE: In the complexity of organizations today our best focus is on understanding how to cultivate teams and leaders that are resilient and adaptable.

We’ve connected our GO-LISTEN-CULTIVATE approach to our Services in a way that invites you to join our story...we welcome you into it!

The FIELD Collaborative

For general inquiries, please contact info@thefieldcollaborative.com